Garapa Decking 19×90 x 1.8m (VAT Inclusive)


(priced per length  including VAT / Delivery within the Western Cape only)

Special translates to R66 a meter ex VAT

Product: 19×90 Garapa

Please refer to our Installation Guidelines for Decking



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19×90 Garapa Decking is a high-density, highly durable hardwood decking solution; ideally used for exterior structures, such as decks, wood siding, wood rainscreen and more.

Garapa decking sports beautiful, golden tones – enhancing your project’s appeal with a warm, natural look.


Our Garapa Hardwood Decking comes in a 19×90 form factor, allowing you tackle your projects with confidence.

Length Options:

Our Garapa decking is sold at a variety of lengths; allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project.

Units sold:

Our Garapa decking is sold at each individual plank. The price of our Garapa hardwood is calculated with VAT already included.

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