What Does “Laminated Wood” Mean?

Stunning interior with laminated wood flooring

What Does “Laminated Wood” Mean?

Building with timber has gone from being the primary choice of material to becoming somewhat niche, especially in South Africa. However, many aspects of modern houses implement the use of timber throughout the construction process. Typically, this will come in the form of laminated wood.

What exactly does “laminated wood” mean?

The process of lamination is the process of glueing objects together. In terms of laminating wood; other materials are glued to composites, hardwoods or plywood. While wood laminate technology dominates the flooring scene, veneer laminating and the laminating of hardwoods to build furniture are becoming more popular by the day.

In short – wood laminate is a thin layer of material covering, and thereby protecting, a piece of core wood.

Why would I want to use laminated wood in my construction projects?

Laminated wood has multiple use cases. While the use of laminated flooring is the most well-known implementation of wood laminate, there are a variety of ways you can use laminated wood to elevate your project’s appeal.

  1. Stunning Flooring Solution

While we all saw this one coming, laminate flooring is simply incredible. In terms of ease of installation – it’s a straightforward process. In terms of price, it is relatively cheap! In terms of Hygiene and appearance – laminate flooring has incredible resistance to stains, keeping your floors beautiful.

  1. Suitable Support Structures

Laminated wood is used for general construction purposes. This is implemented when support beams are built from laminated wood, bringing stability and strength to your building structure. Due to the added strength and modular build-up of these beams, bending, breaking and bowing becomes less of a prominent issue down the line.

  1. Infinite possibilities of customization

Wood length, colours and designs are all at your disposal once you start working with laminate. While the same can be done for regular hardwood timber, laminate is much more flexible – with the benefit of being much more reliable.

  1. An absolute pleasure to build with

A great thing to consider will be the process of constructing your project. Factors such as ease of installation, transportation and manoeuvrability can all impact the flow of your project. Rest assured that laminated wood ticks all these boxes and also looks incredible doing so. Aesthetically stunning and tough-as-nails; what more do you need to complete your dream project?

Are there any drawbacks to using laminated wood?

While we may have been doing a great job at selling the greatness of laminated wood, there are a few things to consider before purchasing your laminated wood from us.

    1. Laminated wood runs the risk of warping. This is typically due to excessive use over a long period, leading to the wood peeling back and leaving bumps in its wake.


    1. While laminated wood looks good, it cannot be considered high-end. Expensive laminate pales once compared to traditional hardwood. The price is always an indicator – with hardwood asking a steep price in comparison to laminate.


    1. This might be incredibly obvious – but its longevity is nowhere near that of its hardwood counterpart. Hardwood can last for hundreds of years with the right maintenance. Laminated wood can last a few decades, due to the lack of retouching potential it has to offer.


 Should I buy laminated wood to use in my project?

Online Building is passionate about experimentation and expression through the medium of construction. We recommend doing as much research as possible, weighing up the strengths and taking your tastes into account.

If you would like to learn more about laminated wood and why it could be a great fit for your upcoming project, feel free to contact us today!