Tips For Caring For Your Hardwood Deck After Installation

Tips For Caring For Your Hardwood Deck After Installation

As the decking specialist and installer, it’s up to you how you best advise your client on ways to maintain their newly installed deck. Some traditional schools of thought suggest that hardwood decking needs no maintenance. However, especially in Cape Town, we consider decking to be low maintenance due to the dramatic changes in climate from season to season. We suggest you follow this advice to keep the deck in top notch condition.

Clean the deck once finished with a stiff broom and water.

You deck should only be installed at the end of the building project but if this is not the case and it becomes very dirty, a light solution of Oxalic acid/Water with a stiff broom can then be used.

Rinse and allowthe hardwood deck to dry thoroughly.

Then oil the deck with a suitable oil like Loba Deck & Teak Oil or similar (not linseed oil).

Allow to dry thoroughly again and then re-oil.

If your decks substructure is low to the ground and on a non-permeable surface like plastic or concrete (not advisable) then consider oiling under side of deck too.

Maintenance of deck may be necessary by re-oiling at the beginning of summer depending on the decks exposure to the sun

Fine hairline cracks are normal on timber decking as it dries out. This can be minimized by good care and application of anoil to feed the wood.

Ensure all screws are kept tight.

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