The Benefits of MagnaBoard

The Benefits of MagnaBoard

Do you need advice on how to select the best materials for your DIY project? If yes, stop your search right now! Before deciding on which material is ideal, there are a number of things you should consider.

For indoor projects, for instance, be sure the material is non-toxic and materials that can survive all types of weather should be used for outdoor projects. Luckily, MagnaBoard checks both those boxes and is an excellent material to consider for your DIY projects.

Magnesium oxide boards are a type of non-insulating sheathing board that is manufactured in factories and utilised in a variety of construction projects. Similar to conventional drywall or cement board, MagnaBoard is significantly stronger, fireproof and has greater resistance against moisture, mould and weather.

It is constructed of mineral cement known as magnesium oxide, which also contains oxygen and magnesium and is an improved building material that takes the place of wood and gypsum board.

MagnaBoard has numerous environmental advantages. It is special because the carbon dioxide is captured throughout the curing process and when making MagnaBoard, 25% to 50% less energy is used than when making Portland cement or calcium hydroxide. Its favourable effect on the environment compared to other competing building materials is one of its most notable advantages.

Magnaboard does not contain any benzene, asbestos, formaldehyde, ammonia, silica or other substances that are bad for the environment and also offer long-term environmental advantages. Magnaboard enhances lifespan and acoustic performance is also significant.

Buildings will typically last longer as a result of the extraordinary strength and resistance of Magnaboards to a variety of causes, requiring less maintenance.

The board has a variety of uses and is effective practically everywhere in the construction of a house or building. MagnaBoard products can be used as trim, fascia and wall sheathing on the exterior. It can also be used inside homes as a drop ceiling tile, wall panel, ceiling board and tile backer.

When utilised as a fire-rated wall and lining system, it performs superbly. Production of Magnaboards has additional long-term environmental advantages. Its prolonged longevity comes first. Buildings will typically stand longer and require less maintenance because of the extraordinary strength and resistance of Magnaboards to many elements.

Magnaboards are utilised in the same way as drywall, orientated strand board and other board products. No additional equipment is required to cut, nail, snap, screw or hang Magnaboards from wooden or steel frames. They can be completed with just two coats of paint, wallpaper or even rendering.

They are also user-friendly because they are highly safe to use and don’t contain any chemicals, dust or fly ash and they are exceptionally lightweight and simple to transport.

The board’s inherent resistance to decay, mildew and mold, reduces health risks in the house. Asthma symptoms will be lessened as a result, along with coughing, wheezing, irritation of the throat, eyes, nose and even skin.

Thanks to all these amazing factors mentioned, it is easy to see how great MagnaBoard can be for any home improvement projects.

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