Slates which come in predominantly in Grey or Charcoal

ates which come in predominantly in Grey or Charcoal

Slates which come in predominantly in Grey or Charcoal

On a sloping roof, a slate roof is made up of overlapping slate roof tiles that are firmly bonded to a solid substrate or roof deck. A slate roof, sometimes known as a hundred-year roof, may survive for 100 years or more if correctly installed. Slate tile roofing is a highly specialized area of roofing and  additionally, a contractor with expertise dealing with and installing slate roof tiles on various sorts of projects is required. Slate tile roofing systems may be found on a wide range of residential, commercial, and historical sites, including museums, and churches and educational institutions.

What are slate roof tiles made from?

Slate roof tiles are a natural roofing product formed of metamorphic rock, which is a hard rock. This type of rock forms deep below the ground, where heat and pressure combine minerals, clay, volcanic elements, and other chemicals to produce incredibly thick rock.

Colours and Texture 

Nutec Roof Slates are available in a variety of typical roofing colors and with a simple or textured surface. This allows designers to express themselves creatively and uniquely, whether they are reproducing old-world charm or achieving today’s important architectural design standards. Natural slate roofing is stunning and may be found on a variety of properties. Slate is a beautiful roof covering, but color options are often restricted to grey, charcoal and black – with a few exceptions.

Online Building stocks Nutec Roof Slates which are the appropriate roofing or cladding material for any project that values class, character, and uniqueness. The application’s fine precision and uniform look provide an outstanding finish. Their small mass requires a comparably light supporting structure, making them a cost-effective alternative to other slate roof and roofing materials. They may also be utilized for vertical cladding applications. By nature, Nutec slate roofs do not rust and are unaffected by UV radiation.

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