SA Pine – An Affordable Structural Wood

SA Pine - An Affordable Structural Wood

SA Pine – An Affordable Structural Wood

Despite not being native to our nation, pine wood has grown in plantations all throughout South Africa and is now one of the most affordable structural wood options available. Due to its adaptability in manufacturing and carpentry and availability in a range of applications, including flooring and windowpanes, it continues to be a common choice.

The Mediterranean region is home to the pine species Pinus Pinaster. In South Africa, it is commonly grown commercially as a timber resource and for the forestry sector. A medium-sized tree, it can grow to a height of 20 to 35 meters and has a trunk diameter of up to 1.2 meters. At the base of the trunk, the bark is orange-red, thick, and deeply fissured; it is a little thinner in the upper crown. 

Although pine is a common softwood, don’t be misled by the name. This wood is a common timber used all over the world since it has a lot of strength and durability. Beyond its affordability, pine wood has many advantages. In terms of sustainability, pine wood is a better option than most other forms of timber. This is because of the way that these trees develop. Since plantations provide the majority of the wood, harvest is certain to always include the growth of new trees.

The delicate grain of pine wood usually displays a variety of tones. Since you can stain it in any colour you want, it is highly adaptable. Making a gorgeous piece out of pine is simple and you are guaranteed a high-quality outcome no matter which route you go because most dyes and waxes work well on this wood!

Unique knots and a strong texture are other features of this wood. Pine wood, which is sturdy and strong, is a well-liked material for furniture because of its use in construction. Since it is a softwood, this timber has a major benefit in terms of the environment because it is less susceptible to swelling or shrinking. Furthermore, it provides strong bending, remarkable compressive, and high shock resistance. This wood will provide years of use if properly maintained.

Our SA Pine is an affordable structural wood that is sold in a variety of different lengths and. Online Building offers SA Pine to meet each of your DIY construction needs. It’s important to remember that while we stock everything you’ll need to ensure your project’s success; we do not cut or fit according to your specifications.