Roof Care For The Winter

Roof Care for you Cape Town Property

Roof Care For The Winter

Property owners in Cape Town should make a special effort to waterproof their buildings because of the harsh winter weather and blustery winds. Unfortunately, by the time leaks and stains occur on a building’s interior or exterior, the damage is probably irreparable.

Repair damaged tiles

If not restored before winter, missing, damaged, and loose roof tiles can expose a property to roof leaks and water damage. Broken tiles allow water to seep underneath and eventually enter your home. Strong winter gusts might sweep away any unsecured tiles. You can probably replace the few broken tiles yourself if they aren’t too difficult to reach.

Online Building supplies Asbestos free, Fibre cement roof sheets like Canadian Pattern Roof Sheets, Canadian Pattern Profile Ridges, Big Six Roof Sheets, Big Six Ridge Capping, Profile B Roof Sheets and Profile B Ridge Capping in the following sizes 260×260 Barge Boards, 210×210 Barge Boards, 80×200 Barge Boards, Barge Board Joiners and 610 x 406 Fibre Cement Slates (Mitred or Unmitred). It’s important to note that all of the above can get damaged or blown off in high winds and rain.

Add insulation

Look for damaged or missing insulation when you are in the ceiling checking on ventilation. Although adding or upgrading insulation requires more skill than most other do-it-yourself projects, it is definitely possible if you are motivated.

Clean your gutters

One of the most crucial maintenance jobs you need to complete before winter arrives is cleaning your gutters, even though they aren’t technically a component of the roof. By clearing them, you can avoid obstructions, which frequently result in damaging ice build-up on your roof throughout the winter.

Waterproofing your roof means that:

  • Once all current leaks are sealed, further leaks will be avoided.
  • The expense of future maintenance will be significantly reduced.
  • Even more protection from the elements will be provided by your roof.
  • Your roof will have a longer lifespan than you might have anticipated.

The best solution is not to wait until the situation worsens to the point where you need to replace the roof entirely or spend a fortune on expensive roof repairs. The easiest method to maintain your roof throughout the year and dramatically reduce your costs is to be proactive.

It’s crucial to pick the appropriate supplies that are appropriate for your DIY winter preparation efforts. We at Online Building have the answers to all of your needs for do-it-yourself building. It’s important to remember that while we do stock everything you’ll need to complete your job successfully, we do not cut or fit to your specifications.

To prepare your roof for the winter, contact us today!