Garapa Decking Slats 19×40 x 1.8 ( VAT included )



19×40 x 1.8 Garapa Decking



Garapa is a high-density, highly durable hardwood decking solution; ideally used for exterior structures, such as decks, wood siding, wood rainscreen and more.

Garapa decking sports beautiful, golden tones – enhancing your project’s appeal with a warm, natural look.



Our Garapa Hardwood Decking comes in a 19×90 form factor, allowing you tackle your projects with confidence.


Length Options:

Our Garapa decking is sold at a variety of lengths; allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project.


Units sold:

Our Garapa decking is sold at each individual plank. The price of our Garapa hardwood is calculated with VAT already included.


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Garapa Decking Slats 19×40 x 1.8

The product priced per slat and also includes VAT.

Garapa is a dense and durable decking blend. Used for decks, wood siding, wood rainscreen and much more.

Garapa Decking Slats will not only provide you with an appealing piece of timber, but in addition it will construct the perfect deck. We recommend using it for exterior structures too.

Brilliant for upmarket “wow factor” fencing and cladding, not to mention cross members on a pergola to give you extra shade and bracing.

We currently offer to deliver to the Western and Southern Cape of South Africa only.

For furthermore information and installation tips visit our Garapa website or call our sales team on 021 712 1550.

Additional Information
Dimensions 40 × 19 cm

1,8m, 2,1m, 2,4m, 2,7m, 3,0m, 3,3m, 3,6m, 3,9m, 4.2m, 4,5m, 4,8m, 5,1m, 5.7m, 5,4m, 6,1m