Aerolite Insulation


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Why Use Aerolite Pink Roof Insulation

With Aerolite roof  insulation professionally installed your home could be 20% to 30% cooler during the coming hot summer months. It has been proven that a home without insulation could be 20% to 30% hotter on a normal summer’s day.

Add that to a closed home while you are away at work and return in the evening to sweat it out rather than to relax.

During the summer fans are running throughout your home day and night; or whichever other devices you are using to cool yourself and your family.

These electrical devices each eats into your electric bill and you also need to get rid of the heat they produce… End result a hotter home and a bigger electric bill. By installing Aerolite ceiling insulation you will save money and live much more comfortably in your own home.

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