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When it comes to decking out your DIY project, picking the optimal material is always an important part of the planning process. Not only will your choice of wood impact the aesthetic of your end product, but the overall durability, function and lifespan of your DIY decking project. This is why Online Building provides you with two of the best possible hardwood decking solutions; Garapa and Balau.

We believe that these hardwoods are your best possible solution to withstanding Cape Town’s dynamic climate. Garapa and Balau have not only been chosen for their outstanding strength – but their incredible appearance and value make these choices that much more appealing. Now, you might be asking yourself, “There are too many options, which hardwood is the right choice for my project?”

Don’t panic. This is all you will need to know.

Option #1: Balau

This exotic hardwood strikes the perfect balance between strength, density and appearance. While considered more “premium” when compared to garapa; Balau has the ability to serve a completely separate use case.

Balau is incredibly strong – a perk that may be attributed to this hardwood’s outstanding density. Balau is also highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks (rot).

Due to Balau’s impressive strength, this wood can function as a reliable support structure for your Garapa wooden deck, should you choose to have the best of both worlds.

Don’t be fooled – while Balau is an outstanding support timber, its rich, dark red colour makes for a classy and undoubtedly gorgeous decking solution!

If you have the budget, or simply fancy the beauty and brawn of this fabulous hardwood – you will not be disappointed with your end product.

Option #2: Garapa

Garapa is an incredible choice for your first DIY decking project. This is due to its undeniable value at its generous price point.

This wood harbours incredible resistance toward insect attacks as well as rot, meaning that maintenance is something you can look forward to and not have to stress about.

Garapa is famous for its golden and honey-Esque tones, with its beauty being further accentuated by exotic grain patterns. This hardwood is a certified stunner for any person looking to bring some style into their decking project.

Garapa looks great while costing a fraction of the price of more “high-end” hardwoods. You get strength, stability and a classy appearance at an absolute bargain of a price.

Maintenance is Key

If you want to retain the elegance, charm and beauty of your decking project, it is important to take the right measures to ensure a more-than-suitable lifespan. We recommend a reliable wood varnish or suitable decking oil.

Always research your wood to find the most optimal treatment solution for said hardwood. A good treatment can keep your deck looking sharp, while minimising the risk of colour degradation.

Online Building offers Balau and Garapa decking solutions to meet each of your DIY construction needs. It’s important to remember that while we stock everything you’ll need to ensure your project’s success; we do not cut or fit according to your specifications.

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