Online Building’s 16th Birthday

Online Building's 16th Birthday

Online Building’s 16th Birthday

Our company turned 16 years old this month! In August 2007, we made our first delivery of Balau decking for R28.50 per meter to a location in the Southern Suburbs. A delivery I personally made at the time in my bakkie. For many years, I was the only employee and we only did sales!

Giving our clients unmatched service has always been our main point of differentiation. In order to be successful, we wanted to collaborate primarily with clients that were aware of the components of excellent customer service. Natural selection ensured that our clients were the best in their fields since they shared the same mindset with their own customers. In other words, and even today, we continue to benefit from the success of our clients.

After the pandemic, we switched from being a “on-seller” to a stockist and distributor. As a result, we were able to determine where our goods went and how much it cost from the source to the retailer or maker. From a basic website, a small office, three employees, and a bakkie, we expanded quickly to a fully-fledged online business, 10 staff, a fleet of 5 ton Isuzu trucks, and a 600m2 undercover warehouse.

We are a company with a solid reputation and a track record that spans 16 years and 26,485 sales, yet as stockists and distributors, we still feel like a start-up with the best yet to come. Online Building would like to express its gratitude to each and every customer who has placed an order with us in order for us to reach this point. Without your unwavering support, we would not be where we are today.