Nutec and Each of its Benefits

Modern home with Nutec

Nutec and Each of its Benefits

The revolutionary inception of Nutec has increased the flexibility of planning, approving and constructing all types of structures. Using Nutec to carry out your next contract, plan your perfect home or kick-start an idea for a large-scale property development, is more than viable.

What exactly is Nutec?

Nutec is the name for products created without asbestos as a raw material. Nutec fibre cement products are manufactured using a mixture of cellulose fibre, cement, silica and water.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint; Nutec is environmentally Sound.

Nutec puts much less strain on the environment when compared to its contemporaries. Not only is the production of the Nutec material renewable and every light in carbon emissions, but the actual construction of a Nutec structure also is a lot less messy and does less damage to the natural physical environment.

Need to get your project built quickly and efficiently? Nutec is your best bet!

Undertaking any long-term construction projects can prove to be rather pricy. Not only are the materials for a Nutec project competitive in cost, but the overall time spent on finishing your project is greatly reduced.

If ventilation is something you cherish – Nutec has your back.

Due to the structure of a timber frame being hollow in nature, the insulation provided by Nutec alleviates any form of thermal bridging. This also allows the wall to be optimally filled with insulation to provide you with the perfect environment. Nutec provides a level of climate customizability at construction-level that is simply unrivalled.

Nutec keeps your home dry in the cold months.

The biggest issue with a traditional brick home is the inevitable appearance of moisture related issues. These issues can be prevented by treatments applied to the house during or following construction, however, many old houses simply do not have this. When it comes to Nutec, you don’t need to let these headaches associated with brick homes get to you. In fact, it’s not even worth thinking about.

Nutec’s low thermal-mass allows it to easily and effortlessly heat up, meaning your winter evenings are that much more alluring with the idea of an indoor fireplace or heating system.

Nutec is incredibly versatile while being incredibly sustainable.

Building with timber has been an age-old solution to construction. The use of Nutec greatly reduces the need to use traditional concrete while still using the renewable resource of wood. A win for Mother Nature is certainly a win for us.
Timber has gone from being the most traditional form of building to one of the most revered in contemporary architecture. Durable, sustainable, perfect insulation, and above all – super stylish!

Nutec is seriously durable.

Don’t let the hollow nature of this material fool you. Nutec brings all the benefits of traditional timber to the table; strong, lightweight and guaranteed reliability. This means that upon construction, building with Nutec will prove to be much simpler and much safer to install than traditional steel and concrete. Nutec is very flexible, alleviating any of the structural damage associated with heaving clay or cracks in corners and doorways.

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