How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

Decks offer an outdoor living area for our homes and are places where we may relax in lovely weather and take pleasure in interacting with family and friends. To maximise these opportunities, your deck must be kept clean and well-maintained.

Your deck needs maintenance and upkeep due to the exposure to the great outdoors and normal wear and tear. It is up to you, the decking specialist and installer, to provide your client the finest advice on how to take care of their newly installed deck. The following deck maintenance advice and procedures should be completed at least once a year in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance.

Washing and cleaning your deck

Start by sweeping your deck after each use to get rid of any noticeable dirt and debris from the surface. Scrub the surface of your deck using a soft-bristled brush or broom and a deck wash or cleaning solution. If your deck becomes very dirty, a light solution of Oxalic acid and water with a stiff broom can also be used. Once washed, rinse and allow the hardwood deck to dry thoroughly.

Please ensure all the correct safety measures is used when working with Oxalic acid.

Oiling your deck

Let your deck dry after cleaning it, then sand it to eliminate any irregularities and splinters before oiling. This makes it possible for the deck to fully absorb the oil, preserving it. The oil will frequently not absorb uniformly if the surface isn’t sanded, resulting in marks and uneven colouring. A reputable hardwood deck oil is Loba Deck and Teak Oil and they are designed to prevent algae growth, provide anti-slip properties and shield hardwood decks from sun and water damage. Never oil the entire deck at once; instead, focus on a small area and let it sit for a few days. Continue oiling the remaining deck if you like how the deck and its colour respond to the oil. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that all screws are kept tight.

Depending on how much exposure to the sun the deck receives, maintenance may require re-oiling at the start of the summer. As wood dries out especially  at the beginning of dry, summer months, little hairline cracks are typical on decking. By taking proper care of the wood and applying an oil to nourish it, this can be reduced.

Your deck will quickly appear like new if you take the effort to wash, clean, repair, sand and seal it once a year. This will safeguard your investment over time and turn your deck into a terrific place to spend all year long.

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