Garapa Wood for Decking

Garapa Wood for Decking

Garapa Wood for Decking

Garapa wood, which comes from a South American native tree, is a great choice for wood decks. The tree tends to grow quite straight and can reach heights of up to 3 meters and a diameter of 150 centimeters. This indicates that the grain of Garapa wood is straight and barely variable. The chatoyant quality of Garapa wood is one of its most attractive characteristics and the wood works reasonably well and functions well with glues and finishes.


The most affordable wood for decking is Garapa wood. Its pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum when compared to other hardwoods and although Garapa costs more than mahogany or cedar, it has advantages that neither of those woods have.


The pale tint of Garapa wood is one of its main draws and when compared to several other common deck woods, Garapa wood is blonde and much lighter. While it first has a deep, yellow honey tint, it eventually turns a stunning silver colour.


The exceptional durability of Garapa wood is one of its main appeals. Garapa wood is extremely dense, making it highly rot-resistant and you won’t need to seal it for durability reasons, but you may want to if you want to keep the golden tint.

It is also highly resistant to pest attack, so termites and carpenter ants won’t ever have to worry about burrowing into it. You will appreciate Garapa’s resilience to rot if your backyard has a pool. Nothing can pierce the grain since it is so tightly packed, which helps it endure for years.


Many decks need to be refinished from time to time, especially those that are not made of hardwood. This could be a concern because it would require sanding, staining, and resealing the entire deck. However, Garapa wood can last for years with little maintenance.

As you are the decking specialist and installer, you will be pleased to be informed that we have received a great deal of 19×90 Garapa, which is especially exciting since there have been possible shortages in the country, in the past.

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