Different Kinds of Decking Wood and their Benefits

Different Kinds of Decking Wood and their Benefits

Different Kinds of Decking Wood and their Benefits

Installing a wooden deck to your home to increase your living area is a beloved addition. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, the secret to success is taking into account all the important design considerations, choosing the best material for your budget, environment and lifestyle in order to create a long-lasting structure.

If you want a classic timber deck but aren’t sure which species is best for you, keep reading for all the qualities and benefits of three of the most popular timber decking options, all of which are available from Online Building. 


When selecting a timber species for your outdoor deck, it is crucial to consider the environment in which you live. Balau is a timber that performs well in warm, dry regions, but not so well in coastal environments. However, as with other woods, if properly managed, it will function well in any climate. Balau is also highly resistant to decay and insect attack, making it one of the most durable decking options.

Balau is a hard, heavy and dense timber that is usually a warm, reddish brown with a coarse, interlocking grain pattern. It is a lovely wood that may add a sense of warmth and comfort to your outdoor living space.


Originating in South America, Garapa is renowned for being one of the easiest wood decking materials to deal with, making it a favourite among installers and builders. It is a hardwood that is dependable, strong and stable as a choice for timber decking; in fact, it’s likely one of the greatest decking timbers available in South Africa.

Garapa has a distinctive reflecting stripe that runs through the grain and has a distinguishing golden yellow to light brown colour. This streak frequently mimics the cat’s eye gemstone. The colour typically turns into a grey tone, which is still stunning. The texture is consistently medium and the grain is typically straight. 


Pine is one of the most widely used timbers in South Africa and is therefore one of the least expensive options when considering the construction of a timber deck. Pine is used for everything from furniture to decking. As with most building materials, pine is obviously less durable than hardwood decking timbers, but with proper maintenance, a pine deck can last anywhere between five and ten years.

The boards of pine have a highly distinctive appearance because pine has a heartwood that is a light brown colour and a sapwood that is a paler, yellowish white colour. Pine is still a choice if you want a less expensive deck – it is more frequently utilised as a substructure material.

Online Building offers Balau, Garapa and Pine decking solutions to meet each of your DIY construction needs. It’s important to remember that while we stock everything you’ll need to ensure your project’s success; we do not cut or fit according to your specifications.

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